The future has arrived - all quantified and linked life

I quite often imagine what the future human lifestyle would be like, after the revolution in Internet and mobile devices? One I find very interesting is also the beginning of a mature “quantitative self” (Quantified Self). This is a personal record with a variety of sensor data, the physical state of the “new movement” from the heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, mental status, food, sleep quality and time to eat every day, so treat it quantified and recorded . These data are very valuable, in addition can be used to actively improve their health and physical condition at the time of early disease can also be vigilant, even trace back the causative source.

Quantified self sounds cool, but now they have matured to the extent of many products that can be selected. However, if further, the fact is too small to quantify the scope of the self, the world has progressed to the “quantitative Life” (Quantified Life). That is all around a person’s life, not just your body, but also contains its own dwelling house, open the car, or even walking through the scenery and roadside places, can be quantified, records, and even spread to the Internet be combined and applied somewhere.

After the popularity of a variety of sensors and networked devices, I’ve recently discovered this thing is not so hard to do it. I probably from a year ago to start a positive life slowly replaced by a variety of items can become a part of life quantify “smart products.” (There seems no better term to describe this kind of stuff, basically I mean + sensor devices have networking capabilities included.)

When more and more appliances and sensors are connected to the Internet, I found a child reading science fiction future as described already arrived.

So far, I have these devices installed in the side:

Jawbone Up


Up to quantify this be equipped with self-entry, known events recorder (activity tracker), you can record daily physical activity, walk a few steps, sleep quality, and so on.

This is not my first event recorder worn, but it is left to the last one. I tried Fitbit One, Misfit Shine, as well as Jawbone Up.

These kinds of products have their advantages and disadvantages. Fitbit One looks more like a traditional pedometer, you need to do on clothes, so I often forget to go home to change clothes after the win, contrary to the purpose of life 24hr record with two weeks I decided to give up. Misfit Shine is a very interesting product, its body can be worn on the wrist strap (hand-tap can also display time), you can also do on clothes (by a strong magnet to suck), you can also win to put pocket. I started quite like Shine, but his touch interface is difficult to control, although only two gestures (double-tap and 2.3 below), but often failed induction, and later on a little stand. Shine The biggest problem is that it’s detachable body design is very easy to accidentally fall out. I spent a month and lost twice, but fortunately have to come back later, but this experience made me finally decided to try it drained away from another product.

Finally, try to Jawbone Up. Basically Up Let me quite satisfied after wearing wristbands can forget, only to press a button to switch to sleep sleep mode. Its iPhone app is three in the best and most practical, about a week before to one charge fairly acceptable. (Shine This is very powerful, completely without charge, the official statement is changed every three months the battery on the line.) The only thing I can only point of discontent wireless synchronization data to the phone, but recently they put out a Up24 solve this problem.

Nest Thermostat


I live in the apartment already has traditional temperature control system, you can set your desired temperature, and control cooling / radiator is on or off it. Massachusetts before just to see where the power companies cooperate with Nest, for $ 150 you can buy the original $ 250 Nest, apart from anything else on the buy and play it.

After loading the Nest soon discovered that the company was acquired by Google really simple. Nest flagship automatic adjustment of the room temperature, it will automatically determine there is no one at home, plus the outdoor weather conditions, as well as the owner’s daily routine to determine the temperature of the room at the time. After using for a while, and sure enough a day or evening than I want to go out in front of a lot easier to adjust the thermostat, a week after the basic install will not have to leave it there.

Nest is not just a temperature control system only, which it also records a lot of interesting information. In addition to temperature and humidity at home, but it certainly knows how long a day to open the air-conditioning, and when the switch. On top of that, it also has a record when I go out and go home. (Nest has a motion sensor, can sense there is no one in the vicinity of walking.)

Nest records every time the air-conditioning enabled, even when I go out and come home surprised me the most is, Nest connect to the Internet via Wifi, so I can use iPhone app, or its Web site, even with my The Pebble watch control home heating and cooling (and soon, even through the Nest API). (Although he has been very clever, but sometimes when you do not want to wait for home heating was started, then you can use the iPhone remote start it before going home.)

Automatic Driving Assistant


Automatic is a very interesting device, a bit like a car with the Jawbone Up for bracelet. It is inserted in the car’s data port above, do not pull down, as long as the car starts, it reads the entire car himself out of the data generated, such as current speed, engine condition. It is connected with my iphone via bluetooth, every time I drive the route, start and stop position, the fuel situation will also be automatically recorded.

Automatic one main function is to help correct driving habits, will remind drivers for car / fuel bad habits (such as sudden acceleration / braking, or ultra-high speed), but also to remind the engine or the car needs maintenance. Another very important feature is when a serious accident, it will automatically send out a distress message via the phone and sent out directly to the scene of the accident. Anyway, these features are all very interesting, but I think the most practical only one that helped me remember parking place.

(XD especially useful in large parking lot in the U.S.)



Pebble is a smart watch, in addition to display the time, the above can run a different app, you can also connect via bluetooth with iphone Internet access to data. I would like to set as a surface displays the time and weather, click the button to switch the display from the current location of the home required traveling time (can effectively avoid the traffic jam hours), and then click will display the current status of the stock market. Front also mentioned, I can control my home Nest on this watch to adjust the indoor temperature.

I originally bought Pebble just want a more portable device than a cell phone, so when I logged a bunch of websites, mobile phones do not have to get out to see my OTP (One Time Password, is an automatic change over time disposable password when logging on some websites are using text messages to send out, and some have a specific app in order to see through.) because there are already too many places are open OTP, but I do not like the phone put the home side, so You can carry a watch to see the message, or run OTP generator is very easy to do.

Later, after a period of time, found that the more personal devices than mobile devices really convenient! There is a screen on the wrist, greatly reducing the chance I got to the phone from his pocket to come. Now I can see on the wrist of time (I was not wearing a watch), newsletters, Line came the message (unfortunately does not support Chinese), a summary email, there will display a notification message on all iphone . Every watch shake it, I can glance to see the importance of the phone and then decide whether to give out to reply. (And because the watch is personal, so unlike cell phones while walking or activities will not feel the shock.)

Adhesives - IFTTT

There are so many devices that provide data, 24 hours continuously from my body, home, to extract data on the car, obviously, and finally have a place to integrate these data sets, and even so that they can connect with each other and use, or help us to make a useful analysis.

The good news is that this unity of all life and the data link service does not exist (you, ready entrepreneurial opportunities ah), but I can see that within five years, with the popularity of these devices even more after this child services will appear. I currently only see a lot of potential service is IFTTT.

IFTTT is the abbreviation IF This Then That, they provide a platform that people can put a variety of networked devices and services linked together. For example, I recently did a one recipe (they called each instruction IFTTT recipe), as long as I parked the car to the company’s parking lot, I automatically write down the time on a google spreadsheet. Such a simple recipe, I have a work record will automatically update the table, you can let me know I’m a day to a few companies, a few leaves.

Then extended a little more, IFTTT recently supported the SmartThings (a home automation control center, you can control like Nest, Philips Hue wisdom bulbs, or Lockitron wisdom lock), so I can even write a recipe that every day when I stop from the company When leaving the field, it automatically opens my home heating upgrade the room to a comfortable temperature.

Ten years ago this kind of thing is very difficult to do, because few things connected to the Internet, we do not even have a powerful portable computer (iPhone / iPad). Only a dozen years ago, the beginning of two things can be networked, we will laugh at them, said to be doing this. (I remember before we can access the refrigerator Hai Ba as a joke …) but now with Automatic, Nest, SmartThings other devices, everything in my life items and appliances are slowly even on the net. Even I can not wait my freezer also has networking, so I can buy eggs before first found in the supermarket refrigerator boxes already have eggs. (Such a thing really happen every week ..)

After When these devices are mature, and finally through IFTTT or similar platform to connect all these devices and services together to integrate the data they produce, and our knowledge and is not limited to our senses no longer physical boundaries but can be linked through the Internet to the life … of all items. Imagine this future is pushed to the limit Internet of Things, which is all the physical objects around us are connected to the Internet, the network has an identity, and other items or people can interact. I think this kind of thing would have been even more than two decades will come true, but as I began to be able to easily buy these products, let me think about it actually has quietly come. I think this thing light very excited ….

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future.